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The Pabellon S In Mexico : A Magnificent Attachment House Designed By Taller Diez 05

The Pabellon-S is a residential project of Taller Diez 05. This house was completed in 2013 and located in Boca del Rio, in the south of Veracruz City in Mexico. Pabellon S is also called the Pavilion S. It is an attachment to an existing dwelling house. The purpose of the construction of the Pabellon S is to accommodate different equipment uses as multifunctional a room. In terms of design, architectural concept is derived from the idea to ISERTION an existing contained space with typological and natural default conditions. Because this was an established consolidated residence, there are certain typology aspects to put in consideration which make up enviromental space of the site, including: flares, vertical apertures, lattices and historical reminiscences of San Juan de UlĂșa historic fortress, that were the starting point to analyze the main signs to shaped permanently this project.

While being compromised by a existing green area, the strategy changed on making minimal contact with closeness and fully structured vegetation elements, take advantage of natural scenes environment. At the same time, these interventions are located in an area on the property that allows visibility on an existing green wall. That is why, the whole idea is to make a program that compresses the block interior through a “Spatial Bond or Belt ‘, released its longitudinal fronts, where the view of the residence is dominant. To formally define the building, the Pavilion is linked with the existing building through a wooden box connector as a link between these two elements. There is a concrete wall framing the living space in which to gently engage with a narrow zone on the vegetation.

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