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The Stir Kinetic Desk Encouraging People To Stand Up

A way of life is unfortunately one of the major issues faced by the modern world. Copying while sitting, as a negative way to spend their eight hours or more at the office. Because of concern in this condition, is created a desk which designed by a desk producer. He came up with an interesting revolution on the way to work, encouraging people to stand up. Although there has been an explosion of interest in standing desks lately, people do not seem to embrace the idea as fast as various manufacturers would expect them to. Stir, a startup founded by a former Apple engineer came up with an interesting solution.

The desk called ‘Stir Kinetic Desk’. According to the designer : ” The Stir Kinetic Desk it driven by software that you access through a touchscreen. This allows it to learn your sitting habits and basically tell you when you need to stand up: Our surveys indicate that less than 30% of other sit/stand workstations successfully engage their owners and deliver the full health and wellness benefits of sitting less. They are either too hard to use, disrupt other worktop equipment, or simply get left in one position for too long because you’re thinking about something else. The Stir Kinetic Desk was created to eliminate these barriers, and we think you’ll love it.”

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